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Take advantage of a triangle of excellence.

Today’s globalised economy requires leaders who understand the complexity of working in international business environments and who are ready to challenge social and cultural boundaries to bring innovative solutions to current political, ethical and economical agendas.

This is why emlyon business school and Munich School of Management, leading european institutions in management education joined forces and created the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole, a 2-year triple Master's degree which delivers emlyon business school’s MSc in Management Master’s degree, LMU Munich’s European Master of Science in Management and Lancaster University Management School's MSc in Management.

The diversity Europe represents in terms of sociocultural environments and legal frameworks makes it an ideal location to learn how to successfully navigate different business environments and work with people from different backgrounds; circumstances which you will undoubtedly encounter during your career in global business.

Located at the heart of Europe’s economy, the joint teaching expertise of the three institutions will offer you a unique perspective on global business and management. Through its cultural, academic and professional diversity, the master will also provide you with the intercultural knowledge required to conduct business at an international level, reflecting the complexity of today’s global business environment.

“We truly appreciate the chance to bring together students from all over the world to jointly face the challenges of modern management in multinational groups, thus benefiting from the European perspective we can offer.”
Manfred Schwaiger, Dean of Studies Munich School of Management

“Our institutions are driven by change and innovation with respect to their local context, which is a major strength of this partnership.”
Gudrun Kiefer, Head of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole, emlyon business school

"Our unique network enables development of the global perspective of management as a crucial skill for successful future leaders. Opportunities for you to study at multiple locations are combined with strong collaborative links between the partners throughout the programme"
Radka Newton, MSc in Management Programme Director, Lancaster University Management School 



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